Trump reported to pull U.S. out of climate change accord

Flooding at Scot Air Force base Illinois April 2013

Could we be in for more frequent flooding like this one at Scot Air Force base in Illinois in 2013

President Trump will pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate pact negotiated by his predecessor, Barack Obama. This according to a report today by CNN. According to the report, the president's advisers have been split on whether to withdraw or stay with the Paris climate agreement that commits signatory nations to reduce carbon emissions into the earth's atmosphere that most climate scientists find are the major reason why the earth is warming up and that could lead to disastrous consequences, including more flood, droughts and violent storms.

What much of the earth may come to if global warming proceeds uninterrupted. Photo by Oday Hazeem

Could global warming make more of the earth look like this? Photo by Oday Hazeem

It has been reported that Trump's daughter Ivanka was on the side of advisers who supported staying in the international agreement. Her husband Jared Kushner was somewhat more neutral. Trump's national security adviser, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Energy Secretary Rick Perry were advising keeping with the climate agreement. Adviser Steve Bannon was for leaving the accord. Trump and Bannon tend to see leaving the accord on climate as keeping a promise to his blue collar base of voters.

Climate scientists and earth scientists have been accumulating strong evidence that the earth is indeed warming up at a dangerous rate and a major contribution to that warming is human activity, especially the burning of fossil fuels, and especially coal and petroleum. If action is not taken to reduce carbon emissions into earth's atmosphere, global warming is likely to accelerate and will reach a tipping point where it will be too late to reduce or stop the rise in earth's temperatures.

Below I list some web sites which give testimony by scientists and their evidence on climate change. I also list a web site of a leading scientist skeptic of global warming and the human culpability. I've tried to avoid listing government web sites, since skeptical readers may feel they are biased.

It is important that all of us make an effort to learn more about global warming so we can make informed decisions on which position and which politicians to support. The issue is too important to ignore and to come to conclusions about simply on partisan or self-interest grounds. It is especially important for our chidren, since they are the ones that will bear the brunt of any wrong decisions that may bring on untold human disruption and suffering.

I urge all readers to do their own open minded search for the truth. Remember, science very rarely proves something. Science doesn't work that way. Instead, scientists work on hypotheses or theoretical constructs and then look for evidence in data that are consistent with or support the hypotheses or refutes them. The evidence supporting the hypothesis that the earth is warming has been mounting for some time, as is the evidence that human activity is a major cause. As the evidence mounts, the proposition is harder to dispute. And the consequence of looking the other way, of not doing anything do reverse the warming trend will likely be disastrous to life on earth as we know it, and the cost of that disaster will likely far exceed the cost to the economy of switching to renewable energy sources.

There are whole books written by scientists on the subject, but here I'll refer readers to a few easily accessible web sites.

This first one on the list, while not a government web site, does refer to a report on a web site for the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) which summarizes evidence that supports the global warming hypothesis. But I include it because it reinforces my argument that the way scientists work is with hypotheses and supporting evidence, and not with just rhetoric.

Here is the link

Here is a list of the content for the next link:

* How do we know that humans are the major cause of global warming?

* Direct evidence of human contribution to atmospheric CO2

* The combination of natural drivers plus human drivers best match reality

* The sky is rising!

* References

Look interesting? Here is the link:

And here is a link to an informative article by the Union of Concerned Scientists:

Now for a link to a leading scientist skeptic of the global warming hypotheses and the hypotheses that is human activity causing it. I would have included more skeptic scientists, but to be frank, the list is tiny compared to scientists who will say that evidence supporting the hypotheses is strong.

Here is the link to a web page of a well known scientist skeptic:

I urge readers to read all these and more if they have time. The debate is too important to our planet and especially to our children for us not to learn all we can about the issue.

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