Saturday night music, a change of pace from the piano

Stephan Koncz plays Hayden cello concerto

Haydn Cello Concerto No.1 by Stephan Koncz (2014 Live)

Concerto No.1 by Stephan Koncz (2014 Live) this time a cello a change of pace from the piano, not even a piano here. Piano was not yet invented when Hayden composed this concerto. When Mozart was composing his early music as a boy and young man there was no piano, it came later, and Mozart loved this new instrument, writing letters to his father about how wondrous it was. But here we got the cello, another of my favorites instruments.

Sit back put on the head phones and enjoy. This is music to relax by. A glass of wine would be a good accompaniment. Pinot Noir anyone?

Use full screen view. Notice the intensity on the face of the musicians' faces, expececially the cellist Stephan Koncz, but also on his supporting cast.

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