Category 5 Hurricane simulated

2014 Video shows a simulated category 5 hurricane in a research lab in Miami, Florida.

I had my own experience with hurricane force winds and flooding from hurricane Carol when I was 14 in 1954 in Cranston, RI. The memory is vivid in my mind. Our modest home with a "picture window" with a view of a small lake shook from the force of the winds as we all huddled in the center room of the house, peeking out that window in awe at the force of the winds. Here is some of what says of Carol of 1954.

"In late August 1954, Hurricane Carol would become the most powerful storm to strike Southern New England since the Great New England Hurricane of 1938. ...The storm quickly crossed the island and made a second landfall at Old Saybrook, CT. Sustained winds between 130-160 km/h (80-100 mph) were experienced over eastern Connecticut, all of Rhode Island and nearly all of eastern Massachusetts. A gust of 217 km/h (135 mph) was recorded at Block Island, RI – the highest ever recorded at that location."

And from Wikipedia, "Carol also brought strong winds and rough seas to coastal Connecticut, Rhode Island, and southeastern Massachusetts. Throughout the region, about 150,000 people were left without electricity and telephone service. 1,545 houses were destroyed and another 9,720 were damaged. Approximately 3,500 cars and 3,000 boats were destroyed. There were 65 deaths and 1,000 injuries in New England. The storm caused an additional $1 million in damage in Canada as well as two deaths. Overall, Carol caused 72 fatalities and damage totaled $462 million (1954 USD),[nb 2] making it the costliest hurricane in the history of the United States, at the time""

Following the storm, "Carol" was retired as a name for a hurricane , becoming the first name to be so removed from the hurricane naming lists in the Atlantic basin.

Let's be sure we support Congressional efforts to fully fund assistance to all those who have been hurt and harmed from hurricane Harvey that hit Houston and southeast Texas and those who are about to be harmed from hurricane Irma that will be hitting Florida shortly. And kudos to all the first responders who have helped minimize suffering and fatalities.

I hope all your relatives and friends have made it out of Florida. For those who couldn't get out, let's hope they will get through the storm safely.

First responder helping Houston victims of Hurricane Harvey, summer 2017

Predicted path of Hurricane Irma up the Florida peninsula.



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