Incredible, listen to Senator John Tester on Senate tax bill

How to govern? Incredible. Where was Sen. (R., Arizona) John McCain in his stance on regular order. Here is what said of McCain's decision to vote yes, "The bill is also undergoing significant last-minute changes, which could redirect hundreds of billions of dollars in the US economy over the next decade. Yet McCain, who has been obsessed with regular order and voted against the final Obamacare repeal bill because it was slapped together at the last minute, seems satisfied with the process that produced the Senate tax plan." McCain voted for it. Too bad. Had McCain voted "no" he could have strengthened his legacy as a straight shooting maverick.

Where was Sen. Jeff Flake (R., Arizona) the deficit hawk. He voted for a bill that would add more than a $trillion to U.S. government debt.

Where was Sen. Susan Collins (R. Maine), the supposedly centrist, moderate Republican. She voted for the bill.

It was Republican Senator from Tennessee Bob Corker who was the lone Republican in the Senate to vote no. But of course he has decided to not seek reelection. This of course strengthened his back bone enough to enable him to stand up to all the craziness of this tax legislation to funnel money to the most well off, to increase government debt and at a time when the economy is not in need of any debt financed stimulus.

YouTube video. YouTube standard license.

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