Most chilling Kavanaugh quote "What goes around comes around"

Judge Bret Kavanaugh, appeals court photo in the public domain

The Bret Kavanaugh quote, "What goes around comes around," for me was the most chilling moment at his hearing to become a United States Supreme Court justice. This is when he angrily and defiantly claimed that the opposition to him to be a justice of the Supreme Court was a left wing conspiracy to keep him off of the court because he once worked for Ken Starr, who as an appointed Independent Counsel, went after President Bill Clinton, initially for a scandal involving a real estate deal, but evolved into a sexual scandal involving white house intern Monica Lewinsky. He warned his opposition, this left wing conspiracy, that it will face retribution. "What goes around, comes around," he said.

Is this a threat? Does he mean that when he gets to the Supreme Court and hears a case that he feels allows him to strike back at this left wing conspiracy, his turn will come, his turn will have come around. If so, this is exactly the opposite of the temperament we need and expect from a judge, especially one on the supreme court. Revenge against ones' supposed enemies has no place in the deliberations of a justice of the supreme court.

If for no other reason, this feeling for revenge is why Brett Kavanaugh should not be on the Supreme Court. Judges are not supposed to be after partisan revenge, they are supposed to be seeking justice, and for a Supreme Court justice, to seek rights guaranteed and implied by the Constitution of the United States as fairly and impartially as is possible.

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